A fetish for girl smell has reached a new level in the form of used panties. There are a number of girls happily selling them away. If you want to give it a try, as well, then some tricks up your sleeve can be helpful.

Take Great Photos

There is a reason why the lingerie manufacturers choose the hottest models to advertise their wares. Simply put-they lure customers to grab them over anything. Similarly, when you sell used panties, make sure that you put some attractive pictures to advertise them. Blurry, grainy pictures are a big NO. If you have a chiseled body, then consider clicking some pictures that feature you wearing them. Photography in natural daylight give some fantastic effects. Also, try with different poses and angles, just in the way a professional would do.

Washing The Dirty Linen

The Dirty Secret Of Making The Most Of Selling Used Panties

When you want to sell used panties, remember that your customers want to smell you! Often, your own bodily odor surpasses the strong fragrance that new panties come with. So the trick is to wash them for 2-3 times before wearing them. Then again, you can think of stuffing your used panties in a dirty laundry bag. Keep them like that for a few days and voila! See how it goes. In case you have received a mass order, then do things a little differently. Wear a number of panties together. They all will get saturated with your body heat and smell. This would allow you to prepare a number of used panties in relatively short time.

Over washing Is Not Good

If you happen to be new in this business then you might wash your panties repeatedly before packing them. This is because; you might somehow feel uneasy to do it. However, washing your inner wear repeatedly can affect it’s quality. And cleaning your vagina time and again before wearing the panties is not a good idea. Using too much of pregnant soaps, liquids can harm the natural pH balance of this delicate area. Your vagina get a clean on its own. And it is the true smell of the secretions is what they would look for. If you really feel to wash yourself before wearing the panties, then use a mild, fragrance free soap.