Dating sites of Russian girls (as well as Ukrainian, Belorussian girls, from the former USSR in a whole), became popular in the early 2000s. Then the world has found out that there is a great number of lonely and beautiful women who want to create a family, a relationship for the whole life, but can’t find a husband – because of the demographic situation there is a shortage of men.

Those sites have adopted different monetization methods. In particular, in the beginning all the services of the sites and local marriage agencies, where women underwent registration, were free for them. Even photo shoots were made for beautiful girls for free! Everything was paid by men – every single translated letter, phone call, chat or video chat. Of course that method led to abuse, first of all, on the part of women. Because free-of-charge isn’t appreciated, it’s human nature. Besides, the temptation to use a photo or a video of a beautiful woman in order just to earn money was overwhelming.

Meet your love in Russia!

And a wonderful idea to give an opportunity to Russian women to find their love abroad was often discredited.

That is why the creators of the site have produced a new transparent registration scheme for women. These beauties come to local offices in order to get a status “confirmed”, their documents are verified. And, the most important, they necessarily pay for their membership on the site. Moreover, not a symbolic amount, but the one comparable to the monthly subscription to the sports club. That is why on the site you may meet serious, family-oriented women – and don’t be misled by the fact that they are so beautiful. If you want to find love, to talk to real, interested in meeting women (but not fakes who will ask you for money, like on many other sites), go to the site.