Celebrity dolls and action figures have been very popular for many decades. It would seem that people often collect figures of high profiled celebrities. Collectors may have hopes of making a profit off a particular star’s figured item which they have purchased. Others collect these treasures because they are truly a great fan of a person in the spotlight.

Lucille Desiree Ball (known as Lucille Ball) was born on Aug. 6, 1911. She was a very attractive and dynamic red-haired comic and actress. She had a successful career in radio, on stage, in movies and on television. One of the most known and colourful TV characters she played was Lucy Ricardo from the well-loved television show called ‘I Love Lucy.’ She starred along with her husband Desi Arnaz. There are a collection of figures bearing Lucille Balls’s likeness. One ‘I Love Lucy’ doll is from the episode ‘Be A Pal’. This figure has Lucy wearing a cheerfully coloured Spanish style ruffled dress wearing a turban with fruit and feathers and lovely golden jewellery. Check out here: https://candydollshotel.com/

Celebrity Dolls Have Been Popular for Many Decades

Another ‘I love Lucy’ figure is of Lucy endorsing Vitamins, wearing a blue and white checkered dress with a white collar and long sleeves. She is also wearing a checkered hat, pearl necklace and black shoes. Lucy was the first woman to own and head her own film studio named Desilu. In 1962, Lucy had a new show called ‘The Lucy Show’ in which she played Lucy Carmichael. One of the show’s most comical segments was called ‘Candy Factory’ where Lucy and her friend Ethel (played by Vivian Vance), hilariously bungled things up together. There are different dolls sold over the internet where Lucy and Ethel are dressed in pink dress uniforms and Chef’s hats designed from the ‘Candy Factory’ segment of ‘The Lucy Show.’ ‘Here’s Lucy’ was another hit TV show she made in 1968. People around the world were impressed by Lucille Ball’s vitality and comedic charm. She was known by the media as the Queen of Comedy.